DFIC Global

DFIC Global is a consultancy which provides data-driven analysis in support of policy innovation in the public interest, focusing on healthcare and education. Sondroyo provided a fast, simple, and mobile friendly website for DFIC.

1st Aug 2019
Michael Rowe

Michael Rowe is a writer, a medical sociologist, and the author of six books. For a time, he ran social services agencies for people who were homeless, had been incarcerated, or were otherwise pushed to the margins of society. Sondroyo created Michael's first presentation website.

12th Jan 2019
Transit Alliance Miami

Transit Alliance Miami is a non-profit dedicated to improving public transportation and alternative modes of transit in Miami-Dade. We worked together to create a Metrorail Audit which monitors trains and determines if they are arriving with the frequency promised by the county. The system captures data from a live feed, processes relevant ... Read More »

11th Jan 2019
Charles Barber

Charles Barber is a Writer in Residence at Wesleyan University and a Lecturer in Psychiatry at Yale. He has written widely on mental health and criminal justice issues, both in popular and scholarly publications, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, Salon, The Nation and Scientific American Mind. Sondroyo created the latest ... Read More »

10th Jan 2019
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