BIOG 1445

Sondroyo has worked with the Cornell University BIOG 1445 (formerly 1105/1106) course since 2004. This job has expanded from simple computer lab and technical support for the course to a large instructional website, open source TA shift scheduler, and a fully customized student lab scheduler.

6th Jan 2019
Osna L. Haller

Osna Haller is a psychologist with years of experience working with individuals dealing with relationship issues, trauma, substance abuse, loss, depression, and anxiety among other significant life span challenges. Sondroyo provided Osna with an extensive "calling card" website to cement her web presence.

5th Jan 2019
Gary Greenberg

Gary Greenberg is a practicing sychotherapist in Connecticut. Sondroyo has provided Gary with an updated website and ongoing site maintenance.

4th Jan 2019
Conectra Global Conference Consulting

Conectra Global Conference Consulting has been a partner since 2009. We have worked together to support yearly or bi-yearly conferences for the Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness. Sondroyo also provided Conecta, formerly Nagy Conference and Event Consulting, with their first website, and continues to provide general webhosting and ... Read More »

3rd Jan 2019
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