Sondroyo has worked with Shoals Marine Lab (SML) since 2006, and interesting projects continue to accumulate. Now available to the public, the Sustainable SML Website provides live data from SML island utility systems. These include solar, wind, and diesel sourced electrical data, which is combined with electrical demand, battery storage, pyranometer irradiance, and weather/precipitation to provide a very complete picture of island activity. The industrial systems providing data are primarily modbus based, so high frequency data collection is a huge leap from daily engineering staff rounds to manually read LCD displays.

The data collected is provided on the website as up-to-the-minute displays for general public consumption, engineering focused graphical representations, and most importantly, historical data downloads. The system also includes a layer of intelligence which identifies failures (such as a diesel generator failed start) and automatically sends text messages to staff. The project will continue in 2020 to include water usage information, which will be extremely useful in detecting leaks and understanding overall fresh water consumption in a remote environment.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

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